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        The HUIYIN-GROUP (the Company) headquartered in Beijing was established in 2002 by Mr Juha Ven and his Chinese wife Mrs Kang Xue Hui to produce and sell solar products to its European clients. Mr. Juha Ven has been active in solar thermal energy for over 30 years, and his family established Solel Solar Systems that improved, produced and sold replacement Heat Collections Elements (HCE) to Kramer Junction Operating Company the operator of the then largest Concentrating Solar Plant (CSP) in the world. Solel was subsequently sold to Siemens.
        The Company has been perfecting its products and production line for the past 3 years in its purpose built factory in Wendeng, Shandong Province, China. During the Spring and Summer of 2010, Ciemat, the national testing laboratory of Spain tested the Huiyin HCE and certified that HCE to industry standards. The HUIYIN-GROUP has become a qualified supplier for HCE and has received orders and a going number of enquiries from the manufacturers of CSP. The Company continues to invest significant resources into Research and Development through internal development and corporative research with universities, government agencies and companies within the solar industry.
        The Company is looking for commercial partners who are interested in developing different markets for HCE.

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